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About Us


Knowledge they say becomes profound and perceptive with time. We believe it's true, for our in depth understanding of the financial markets and study of financial products has made our advice even more assuring to our customers. We follow no trend, we trust no gimmicks. Our advice is based on hard research and facts & figures. We believe the customer's need is of prime importance. The customer's goals & objectives and the time period set to achieve these goals drives our suggestions. Our counselor's advice is purely constructed around in depth analysis of the customer's life.

Multiple financial products & services availability under one roof and more than anything else, the feeling of togetherness amongst our team and our customers has made ICI MFD a synonym of Success, Wealth & Confidence.

We welcome you to the Family!

In order to move with the changing times as well as to offer you better and seamless services at all point of time, ICI MFD has always adopted new technologies to create new product offerings and making investments a better experience.